Where Technical Knowledge Meets Recruitment

Olekos is a boutique technology staffing firm that quickly finds and vets the highest qualified and most talented tech professionals that are a perfect fit for companies of all sizes.

  • 25+ years of experience in technology combined with 25+ years in recruiting gives us a unique edge to find and vet the highest quality candidates for virtually any tech role.
  • Our boutique-sized firm ensures clients and candidates receive our most personalized care and utmost attention to detail.
  • All our candidates are put through our rigorous vetting process to ensure we're only working with the top IT professionals in the industry.

Why Choose Olekos

Personal Attention to Clients & Candidates

Boutique size means no gatekeepers or red tape.

Both clients and candidates are only one person away from direct contact at all times. This means both parties get all their questions answered as quickly as possible with no time wasted on bureaucracy.

Knowledge of Technology

We actually speak "geek" and aren't confused by technical requirements.

Our unique edge in the IT staffing business is our understanding of technology. We put our candidates through a rigorous tech-vetting process to ensure they have all the skills your project needs.

Knowledge of Recruiting

We've got a few tricks up our sleeve to find top talent fast.

Our recruiters not only match skills to resumes, but also filter out fraudulent resumes and candidates to ensure every candidate that advances to our tech-vetting process is the real deal.

Focused on Delivery

"Throw and see what sticks" is not what we do.

We respect your time more than any other agency. We ensure our clients are only presented with the highest quality IT professionals to avoid wasting their time.

Every team needs a tech genius

Whether your team needs a tech genius, or you're a humble tech genius looking to apply your tech mastery, we can help.

I need a Tech Genius I am a Tech Genius